What Are Some Of the Best Vinyl Siding Brands

Best vinyl sidingIn the early 1960′s vinyl siding was first introduced to the market. It began to grow in popularity due in part to its strength and durability. Ease of maintenance and versatility were other factors that contributed to its popularity. Vinyl siding is manufactured to be impact resistant and as a result it’s the number one choice for exterior home cladding in the United States. Reports from the census bureau indicate that twice as many homeowners choose vinyl siding over any other material. This type of siding is available in many different colors and profiles. This makes it easy for homeowners to customize any renovation plans. Some of the best vinyl siding brands can easily compliment any style of home.

There are a few factors to consider when deciding which of the best vinyl siding brands would be suitable for your home. For instance, the thicker the panel the better the quality and so the higher the price. You will also need to consider the finish you’d like to have on your home. There are the traditional ceder grain panels, smooth panels for a more sleek look or even panels that can resemble cedar shingles. There are a number of different companies that offer a selection of vinyl siding products so meeting your needs should not be difficult.

One of the best vinyl siding brands currently on the market is from CertainTeed. They carry a number of popular products inclucing Wolverine Siding Systems. They also have other options as well, including insulated siding as well as their Easy Care line. Owens-Corning is another top vinyl siding manufacturer. They also offer a number of vinyl products so you can find one that suits your home and your budget. Their line of products include ProForm, Narrow Plank and Classic styles. Crane Siding offers the Solid Core Insulated line as well as other traditional siding. Their insulated siding is maintenance free and makes your home more energey efficient.

When it comes to one of the best vinyl siding brands, Sears is considered to be the leader. You can stop by any store and view the different types and color styles that they offer. You can also speak to a certified technician about vinyl siding installation and the different options available to you. If you own a home that needs vinyl siding replacement, any one of these vinyl siding manufacturers would be able to assist you.